About Us

Indiana APSE (In-APSE) is a membership organization that promotes and expands quality, community employment outcomes of choice for all people with disabilities.

To accomplish this mission, IN-APSE:

  • Provides advocacy and education to customers of supported employment (SE), i.e. supported employment professionals, consumers and their family members, and supported employers.

  • Addresses issues and barriers which impede the growth and implementation of integrated employment services.

  • Improves supported employment (SE) practice so that individuals and communities experience SE as a quality service with meaningful outcomes.

  • Promotes national, state, and local policy development which enhances the social and economic inclusion and empowerment of all persons experiencing severe disabilities.

  • Educates the public and the business community on the value of including persons experiencing severe disabilities as fully participating community members.


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Our Regional Chapters


Supporting The Northern, Central, & Southern Regions

Just a reminder that these meetings are open to EVERYONE regardless of membership or location. This is a great time to network, discuss and support each other in the employment services profession. The IN-APSE Regional Network meetings/training are held quarterly. If you are not on the mailing list, please contact either of the co-regional leaders to be on the mailing list! 

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North Region

regional leader

Thomas Summerville
Easterseals ARC Northeast Indiana - tsummerville@esarc.org

We welcome suggestions for upcoming membership meetings/trainings in Northwestern and Northeastern Indiana.

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central region

regional leader

Carla Orr
Adult & Child Health

We welcome suggestions for upcoming membership meetings/trainings in Central Indiana.

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South region

regional leader

Rudy Winderlich
Sycamore Services, Inc.

We welcome suggestions for upcoming membership meetings/trainings in Southern Indiana.