MEET IN-APSE's 27th Annual Conference Chair, Steve Upchurch!

As Training and Professional Development Manager for Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), I have been busy training VR staff statewide on Order of Selection (OOS).  OOS is the process that VR is using due to limited resources in both staffing and funding.  The training I’m conducting focuses on ensuring those in VR who make determinations of who will be served under OOS carefully consider all of a prospective client’s limitations and barriers to ensure we are serving those who need us the most.


Another exciting project I’m involved in is a collaboration with Indiana’s Department of Workforce Development (DWD) and the WorkOne leadership statewide.  This project enables DWD and the WorkOne staff to better serve those clients which VR will not be able to serve under OOS.  The first phase is a training I developed which is being used to help WorkOne staff to better understand disability and employment for persons with disabilities.  Phase two of this collaboration will focus on training for DWD and WorkOne business services professionals on disability awareness and how to engage employers to hire persons with disabilities.


I’m also busy working with others on the IN-APSE Board of Directors and Conference Committee as we plan for IN-APSE’s 27th Annual Conference, “Picture the Possibilities: Changing the Face of Employment”!  This year’s conference will feature a panel of persons with disabilities discussing how they achieved employment with the help of employment services professionals, as well as a variety of breakout sessions, including Employment Track sessions which qualify as foundational training under the Establishment Projects program.  Jim Ansaldo of the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community will close the conference with a fun and interactive session involving improv.  I’m really excited for this event which takes place November 8-9, 2017 at the Indianapolis Marriott East! You can find out more about the conference and register at:

Exciting Times are Here!

Welcome to the INAPSE blog page. This blog will be contributed to by Board Members of INAPSE and members. If you are a member and you would like to contribute to the blog, just sent an email to and we will contact you with your request. Meanwhile, as a Board member, today I will start out the blog with a friendly hello and a celebratory WAY TO GO!  Public Policy!

Often times organizations really don't see long term systemic changes within the field that we work in. However today is not one of them. I am so excited about the Employment First Bill passing the Indiana House of Representatives! It is onto the Indiana Senate for reading and voting!

Everyone has the fundamental right to work and receive supports that enable them to do so. By choosing Employment as the first option in future planning for our youth, it is imperative that opportunities and skills are explored, developed and enhanced as they move towards their adult life! We have to change our mindset that working is not just an afterthought in future planning for today's youth - it is what they should build their entire lives around.

The Face of Employment is Changing! Just picture the possibilities....