Exciting Times are Here!

Welcome to the INAPSE blog page. This blog will be contributed to by Board Members of INAPSE and members. If you are a member and you would like to contribute to the blog, just sent an email to INAPSEmarketing@gmail.com and we will contact you with your request. Meanwhile, as a Board member, today I will start out the blog with a friendly hello and a celebratory WAY TO GO!  Public Policy!

Often times organizations really don't see long term systemic changes within the field that we work in. However today is not one of them. I am so excited about the Employment First Bill passing the Indiana House of Representatives! It is onto the Indiana Senate for reading and voting!

Everyone has the fundamental right to work and receive supports that enable them to do so. By choosing Employment as the first option in future planning for our youth, it is imperative that opportunities and skills are explored, developed and enhanced as they move towards their adult life! We have to change our mindset that working is not just an afterthought in future planning for today's youth - it is what they should build their entire lives around.

The Face of Employment is Changing! Just picture the possibilities....


Sandy Widener