Indiana’s Work to Include Coalition

Promoting Employment for Hoosiers with Disabilities

The Work to Include Coalition is part of the national Employment First movement. Funded by the Indiana Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities, the goal is to design a system of employment services and supports that ensures competitive integrated employment outcomes for Hoosiers with disabilities, including individuals with significant disabilities. The Coalition consists of individuals with disabilities, their families and other advocates.


The Coalition Goals:

  • Build a cadre of individuals with disabilities and family members that promote Employment First.

  • Identify barriers to getting jobs and design a system that works for all individuals with disabilities.

  • Develop local initiatives to educate and dispel myths about community employment.

  • Conduct a campaign known as WORK TO INCLUDE to document the successes of people with disabilities working in the community.

“Inclusion elevates all” - Elaine Hall

What is Employment First?

In 2017 Indiana passed a law that states, “Employment in the community is the first and preferred outcome of all services for people with disabilities.” This means that everyone has a right to work in the community and earn a living wage, regardless of disability. Like everyone else, individuals with disabilities need support to be successful, and state funded services should focus on helping people become employed in the community. Given Indiana’s staggering 74% unemployment rate for people with disabilities, we have a long way to go to make this a reality.

The Indiana Work to Include Coalition is committed to engaging the voices of Hoosiers with disabilities to inform policies and practices and advance competitive integrated employment in Indiana. During early 2019, Town Halls were held in 11 Indiana cities and attended by over 400 people. The recommendations have been shared with the local community and state policy makers.

“By bringing people who think differently, you’re bringing people in who look at problems differently.” - Lori Golden

The following are the Work to Include Team Leaders in your area.

You can email them to find out what activities are underway and to see how you can get involved.

Project staff:

Director: Dr. Pat Rogan –, 317-274-6861
Coordinator: Susan Rinne –, 812-322-5197


The Employment First “Work to Include” Coalition is a partnership with the School of Education at IUPUI and IN-APSE