We Support


Employment First Public Policy

IN-APSE Statement on Employment First:

“Employment First is integrated community employment at competitive wages as the first and preferred outcome for ALL people with disabilities.”



people without
disabilities employed

There is a high employment rate for individuals who do not identify as having a disability. Unfortunately, the difference between individuals with disabilities and those without is staggering.



working age people with disabilities employed

There are a remarkable amount of people with disabilities that are not employed. Changing this percentage is a huge goal for IN-APSE and the State of Indiana.



people with disabilities unemployed (all disabilities, ages 18-64)

There are so many individuals with disabilities that have the skills, talents, and experience needed to be successful but are being overlooked.


Notes: Employment percentages account for only those individuals 18 years or older who are classified members of the labor force. 2017* Source: U.S. Census Bureau-Fact Finder | StateData: The National Report on Employment Services and Outcomes