Transition Tips and Tools - July '19

A new tool for professionals and families!

The Indiana Association of People Supporting Employment First introduces a new tool for professionals and families engaged in Pre-Employment Transition Services, a mandate from the most recent Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) legislation. This federal law strengthens the partnership between schools and vocational rehabilitation (VR) to promote increased job training and  placement for students. Eligible students have an IEP, a 504 plan or are otherwise “potentially eligible” for VR services. Through WIOA, VR and partners provide additional services and supports to increase employment outcomes for students with disabilities and expands those services for younger school-age students. The goal is increased access to and development of work-related skills to gain employment part-time or full-time at minimum wage or higher and to be integrated with coworkers without disabilities.

Pre-ETS required activities:

  1. Job exploration counseling

  2. Work-based learning experiences (which may include in-school or after-school opportunities and experiences outside the traditional school setting, including internships in an integrated environment)

  3. Counseling on opportunities in comprehensive transition or enrollment in post-secondary education and training programs

  4. Workplace readiness training to develop social and independent living skills

  5. Instruction in self-advocacy, which can include peer mentoring

This quarterly Transition Tips and Tools resource will feature information from across the nation, including our own Hoosier Land. The best way to get a great idea (for services) is to gather many good ideas! As such, we hope the information and links contained here will be viewed, read, studied and perhaps adapted for your neck of the woods. 

Featured Information from Alaska

This quarter we are featuring information from the great state of Alaska. Alaska Youth Transition Tools webpage includes information on transition tools, JOBZ Club, Summer Work Programs, S’Cool Store (entrepreneurship) and other Pre-ETS programs. Check it out, along with this student's perspective about his experience with Pre-ETS and VR.  

In addition, WINTAC Promising Practices webpage provides highlights for suggested practice in the areas related to service flow, job seeker practices, business services, accessibility and career pathways. Check it out, you might get some great ideas!

Closer to home, Executive Director of INSource, Joel Beohner, offers a great one-stop shop for transition resources: