Diana's Warm Hello

Meet Diana -

Diana landed her job at Sodexo Food Services at the University of Southern Indiana in December, 2012. Since that time she has endeared herself to both her supervisors and her co-workers. She greets everyone she meets with a smile and a warm hello. She has earned herself the nickname of “Smiley”, which she loves. But don’t let her cheerful nature fool you, because once she is on the clock she is a whirlwind of motion. She works in the dish washing area, and thru the years she has really learned her routine. She is in constant motion and is one of the fastest workers you’ll ever meet. But quality is foremost on her mind, and she makes sure every item she handles is completely clean before she returns it for use. She is so valuable to the Sodexo team, that in March 2017 she was named the Sodexo Employee of the Year!  Diana is the perfect example of what an employee and a coworker should be.