Kris Finds Success

Meet Kris -

Kris started working for the local McDonald’s in December 2015 as a lobby attendant. Kris’ outgoing personality is a perfect fit for greeting and interacting with customers as he cleans and maintains the lobby. Kris has become a very valuable member of the team and has been one of the inspirations for the restaurant to expand the position as they prepare to move to a new location. Kris’ performance may be responsible for 2 new jobs in the new building. Kris not only has excelled at his job, but working has given Kris the self-confidence to try other new things. After starting work, Kris learned the public bus system and now has the ability to get to and from work independently on a daily basis. Kris demonstrates the positive impact that employment can have not only on one’s self, but on others as well.